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Happy Healthy Habits

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide For Hacking Your Habits

So You Can Finally Reach Your Goals.



I'm Rebecca

Licensed Dietitian and

Behavior Change Expert

Here’s the truth – information alone isn’t enough.

The world’s best meal plan or exercise routine mean nothing if you can’t make the necessary lifestyle changes to stick with them.


As a Dietitian and Health Coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, and what I’ve found is the people who are able to lose weight and keep it off have one thing in common –

they developed sustainable healthy habits.


Leveraging my background in Neuroscience and Nutrition, I’ve developed a proven framework for easily building new habits and changing patterns that are holding you back.

The Happy Healthy Habits course a step-by-step program that walks you through this framework so you can hack your habits and reach your goals.

The Happy Healthy Habits Framework

habits_diagram-gold1 (1).png

Once you learn how to use this framework, you’ll be able to apply it to any area of your life so you can break free of old patterns that aren’t serving you, and build the life you want and deserve!

  • Stop feeling frustrated that you can’t make healthy changes that last

  • Start developing lasting healthy habits so you can look and feel your best

  • Break free from old patterns that are holding you back

  • Shift into feeling confident about your choices and reach your goals

In This Course You Will Learn: 


Why relying on willpower and motivation alone never work.


My 4-part framework to quickly and efficiently create any new habit, and break any unwanted behavior.


How to set yourself up for success and stay on track, no matter what your goals are.

Reach Your Goals By Building Healthy Habits


What You'll Get

  • Happy Healthy Habits Course

    • 6 modules where you'll learn and apply my proven framework to create long term habits, and break free of patterns that are holding you back.

  • Module 1​: Getting Started With Good Habits
    • Understand the problem with willpower, learn the importance of habits, and identify your goals

  • Module 2: Emotions

    • Learn how to use positive emotions to build new habits

  • Module 3: Ease

    • Learn how to reduce barriers and limit excuses making it easy to develop new habits

  • Module 4: Eyesight

    • Learn how visual cues can help solidify new habits and break unwanted ones

  • Module 5: Environment

    • Learn how to make adjustments to your environment that will help solidify new habits

  • Module 6: Putting It All Together

    • Learn how to apply the Happy Healthy Habits Framework in your own life

  • Happy Healthy Habits Workbook

    • Designed to help you zero in on your specific goals and barriers so you can jump right in, create actions plans, and get started

  • Lifetime Access to both the Course and the Workbook so you can go back and refresh any time


Happy Healthy Habits Program

Good habits are what you need to reach your goals.

Good habits are what shape your behavior, and change your life.

Get lifetime access to the
Happy Healthy Habits program now for just $349!

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